#MoodboardMondays – Transcendent Blue

Today is the Spring Equinox and while we wait for the weather to perk up, the new season inspires us to introduce some colour into our homes and brighten-up our interiors.

Last week, we focused on colour of the year ‘greenery’, this week we are going to look at green’s big brother: blue.

So let’s see some ways you can blend some blue into your home.

Brissi – ‘Living with Luxe’

If you aren’t aware of Brissi then you’re missing out. Their homeware and furniture collections are stunning and their quality backs up their design. For SS17, they’ve launched their ‘Living with Luxe‘ collection which pairs denim blue and royal blue with cream and metallics.

Blue Patterned Tiles

Victorian-style tiles are making a renaissance and we adore these exotic-influenced examples which could add the wow-appeal to any hallway, staircase, bathroom or kitchen. B&Q stock a nice range of blue patterned tiles, some which are more traditional Victorian, others which are more exotic and a mix-match like the ones photographed here:

John Lewis

John Lewis has a number of homeware ranges that work with blue and uses blue to varying degrees. We particularly love their coastal range which is quintessentially-Cornish in its nautical vibe. Juxtaposed to this, we also love their foreign-influenced Fusion range which features rich patterns and materials that contrast beautifully with more British features, such as the colour royal Blue.

What do you think about the colour blue? Do you love it or loathe it? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


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