#TuesdaysTips – 7 tips for interior design

Welcome this this week’s top tips where we’ll share our advice for interior design. Whether you’ve just moved in or have been living in your home for a while, here are some easy steps you can take to help make the most of your home.

1.     Start with your colour scheme

Interior Colours

A great way to create the feeling of flow and space within your home is by planning a colour scheme and allowing each room to have a different variation on it. Pick a theme and choose four or so colours you want your home’s palette to be and have fun with different combinations of paint, wallpaper, furniture and furnishings within these colours.

2. Neutrals can be fun


If you have read tip number one, love neutral colours but are worried it can be a bit ‘meh’, you can have fun with textures to make it look more dynamic. Take a palette of creams and oatmeals and layer your room with different materials such as linen, silks, velvets, wools, cottons and so forth.  The mixture of material sheen will react differently to light to add to the feeling of layers and warmth.

For example, in the image of the bathroom above, you can see there is white washed brick, shiny marble and sheen wood all in a neutral colour palette, but the different textures make the space look interesting and dynamic.

3.     Make short rooms appear taller

Interior Design

If you haven’t got a great big 3,000 square foot house, chances are you need to plan your furniture carefully to give the illusion of space and being clutter free. If your room is lacking height or it doesn’t have a lot of natural light, choosing low-slung furniture can give the illusion of a taller room and space while still being ultra cosy.

4.     Hanging Mirrors


The best places to hang a mirror is when you have something statement for it to reflect. For example, placing a mirror on the wall behind a chandelier is going to make it seem twice as sparkly and give double the impact when you walk in a room.

5.     Play with dining room seating

The Arundel dining set from neptune.com

A lot of people will buy matching seats for their dining table which is great if you like a regimented look. However, mixing and matching chairs can create a focal point and character. Think about your living room – chances are you don’t have all the same seating in that space? So why not have fun mixing fabrics, materials, shapes and sizes in your dining space, like Neptune do here in their Arundel range.

6.     Work with the space you have

Small Room

This follows on from tip number three really, as it’s all to do with working with your furniture to maximise your space. So if you have a small bedroom where the bed needs to go against the window, choose a head board that has gaps and can let the light in.

7.     Know where to hang your wall decorations

Wall art

Ever been in a house and thought ‘gosh, they’ve hung that high?’ A lot of people think they need to hang wall art or mirrors near high up on the wall but this then becomes out of our eye line. The standard height for wall art in a museum is 57 inches from the ground as this is the average human eye height. Regardless of how big the room is, stick to the human scale, not the scale of the structure and you’ll be fine.

Got an eye for interior design? We’d love to hear your top tips and the rules you swear by. Next week, we’ll cover our top tips for Self-Builds. 


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